So, how do they train dinosaurs to act?


Picture the scene. I’m sitting in our living room with Jake and we’re talking about our new abortive show, Terra Nova. If you’re not familiar with Terra Nova, it’s a series about a group of people who escape a wasted, polluted Earth to the dawn of the planet where they can found a new civilisation.

Anyway, I recently found out that FOX have cancelled the show, and wanted to break it to Jake that once we hit the season finale, there wouldn’t be any new episodes. Welcome to the eternal disappointment of the sci-fi geek, son. Never trust FOX to keep a good show running, etc.

So I sat down with Him and gave him the bad news. I should have anticipated the “But why?” that followed. So I gave him my theory: not enough people watched the show and it was very expensive to make, so it got cancelled.

“But why was it so expensive to make?”

Damnit, a money question. I decided to pull a random answer out of my ass. Don’t judge me, all parents do it!

“Well, son, it was so expensive to make because they had to find the dinosaurs in the first place. And then they had to teach them how to act.”

He looked at me for a second. As the enormity of this dawned on him, his jaw went slack nod his eyes started to widen. He was halfway through his catchphrase “Did they ACTUALLY?” when you could literally see logic winning out in his brain. There are no dinosaurs. D’oh!

What followed were about five solid minutes of us all laughing (Jake included) at how gullible he’d been. He later told me it was the best joke I’ve ever played on him, so I’m glad he took it in good spirits!

What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever played on your children?

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