Dryathlon 2013

Face down drunk

Oh my. What a Christmas it’s been. Well, the parts that haven’t involved the in-laws, anyway. It seems everything in that quarter is lies, deceit, repressed anger and depression. But that’s someone else’s story. It just hasn’t made them that much fun to be around. Kinda glad I kicked my family to the kerb ages ago.

We started out with the best of feeble intentions. We’d tackle Christmas with moderation, and still be able to have fun. At the end of a four-week Festival Of Gluttony, it feels like we’ve consumed twice our body weight in stodgy dinners, crisps and chocolate. Not to mention the dreaded drink.

Alcohol is the killer in our house. There’s always a bottle of red wine sitting around, which is always tempting to break out after a long day of juggling parenting and blogging. The thing is, whenever I get to a certain point of drunkenness, Greedy Me makes an appearance. A starving, rampaging version of myself with a single, deadly purpose: eat everything in sight. This version of me has been known to wake up the next morning with empty crisp bags and plates of toast beside the bed.

So not only is the calorific red wine a liability, but the junk food binging doesn’t help either.

And now that a fresh new year has dawned, and the Mayans were wrong about the apocalypse, it’s time to sober up some. Especially since the world isn’t ending and now it does matter that we pigged out at Christmas. Damnit.

Basically for at least the next month, we’re entering a self-enforced dryathlon. Goodbye, cheap bottles of JP Chennet merlot from Tesco! So long, 24 packs of whatever the hell beer is on offer down the off license. And with it, we’re going to be cutting back drastically on our junk food intake. The local Chinese restaurant has been dreading this day, but it’s inevitable. We must cut all ties with our Fried Food Dealers.

Yes, we’re only 5 days into 2013, but the Dryathlon is going fine so far. Last night I discovered an unopened case of beer in the cupboard (how did that get there?) and it was relatively easy to walk away with a large glass of iced water instead.

And of course, I’m back to running. Hoping to resume my fitness levels and burn off the winter excess and gradually move toward marathon distances throughout the year.

Anyone else vowing to get rid of the Christmas gut in the new year? Try a Dryathlon!

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